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10 March 2015 Selva Shree Comments

Friends Give Your Life Meaning

Friends form a unique bond that is different than family. They share secrets and dreams that family

29 January 2015 shiv 13 Comments

New Location

Nigeria is on the western coast of Africa that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Because of that, it has a

23 September 2014 arun 5568 Comments

Why Top Performers Fail Under Pressure

You've seen it happen before-maybe you've even experienced the stomach-churning, brain-in-hyperdrive

19 September 2014 arun 1 Comments

High intake of pain killers damages kidney

High intake of pain killers during migraine can lead to long-term side effects such as kidney da

19 September 2014 arun 0 Comments

Making a green statement: Tips to become an eco-friendly fashionista

Today many of us especially the youngsters invest a lot in their appearance. “It costs a bomb

19 September 2014 arun 0 Comments

Why superheroes need to be loners

If you can fly faster than an aircraft, or shoot lasers with your eyes or stop a train with your bar

18 September 2014 arun 0 Comments

25 Easy Ways to Save Money this Year

Cut Credit Card Interest Rates Negotiating a lower interest rate on your credit card can be relativ

18 September 2014 arun 4 Comments

11 foods that keep you young

So many people believe the “fountain of youth” can be found in a facial cream or a bottl